Pro sharking of a guy taking a leak

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This video was made from a car where a guy was sitting with his camera and making footage of a dude taking a leak behind the dumpster. Then one of our tricksters comes there, acting like he is going to take a piss too but he is in fact looking to make some hardcore sharking video with this one. Slowly he comes from behind and pulls his pants down while he is still holding his cock and then quickly disappears in one of the streets while the public violation victim is holding his dong still.

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Wild sex pranks in the woods by Sharking Videos gay

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It took a bit more planning and logistics to do the next in line of our fantastic sex pranks but it turned out to be real good in the end. Here you can see a good looking trekker walking through the forest and at one point he stops to take a break from all that hiking. In the meanwhile our man is hidden in the bushes and jerking off his rod, waiting for the right moment to strike. When he sees the hiker taking a piss, he runs to him and sprays cum on his back!

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Sharking action on the stairs

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While walking up the stairs from the subway station you should be careful because you could also be a victim of sharking just like this guy you are about to see here. He was going up the stairs to the street when two dudes with a camera came behind his back and pulled his pants down just for fun. Now we have this awesome video where you can see his ass and his schlong being flaunted around and we gotta thank those pranksters for all the enjoyment they have given us.

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Chocolate sex pranks on the street by Sharking Videos Gay

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This video is made out on the street where one of our people is talking to a guy who is sitting on the bench and smoking a cigarette about directions to get to the place he is going to. Meanwhile, the guy in charge our sex pranks comes behind him with a mask on his face and with a huge dildo in his hand, ready to spank the guy over the face with it. Another great thing is that the huge rubber cock has been dipped in chocolate so it leaves a lot of stains.

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A guy going to training gets some sharking

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It is late night in the suburbs and a dude is getting ready to go to his regular training in the gym that is open all night. He walks out of the door of his house with his bag, wearing only a t-shirt and shorts but then he is public violated by our sharking freaks that jump out of the bush and pull down his shorts after throwing down the hat from his head as a distraction first. He is confused and puzzled but we get this awesome video in the end.

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