Chocolate sex pranks on the street by Sharking Videos Gay

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This video is made out on the street where one of our people is talking to a guy who is sitting on the bench and smoking a cigarette about directions to get to the place he is going to. Meanwhile, the guy in charge our sex pranks comes behind him with a mask on his face and with a huge dildo in his hand, ready to spank the guy over the face with it. Another great thing is that the huge rubber cock has been dipped in chocolate so it leaves a lot of stains.

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A guy going to training gets some sharking

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It is late night in the suburbs and a dude is getting ready to go to his regular training in the gym that is open all night. He walks out of the door of his house with his bag, wearing only a t-shirt and shorts but then he is public violated by our sharking freaks that jump out of the bush and pull down his shorts after throwing down the hat from his head as a distraction first. He is confused and puzzled but we get this awesome video in the end.

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More sex pranks from the toilet

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Our sex pranks are performed in the toilet once again and you are going to love it this time. Check out our stealth dude as he is going into the toilet booth and standing high up to record the guy in the next one sitting on the bowl and taking a crap. Now, to scare him shitless he uses some empty plastic bottles that he brought with him and at the moment of the highest concentration he starts throwing them on the dude, scaring him so much that he starts screaming like a girl.

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Running guy in a sharking scene

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Right here we will get to see another fine example of professional sharking action. A guy and his friend are running and one of them is holding a camera so that they can make footage of their public violations. As they approach a guy who is running only in his shorts from behind they speed up the pace and pull the shorts down. It takes this dude a few steps to realize what is going on and only then he pulls the pants up to cover his sexy butt.

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Sex pranks get wetter and wetter at Sharking Videos Gay

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In this hot video we get to do another one of our hot sex pranks but this time it is much more moist than the usual. Here you will see a guy coming in to the public toilet where another hot dude is sitting on the toilet bowl and taking a crap. He is pretty surprised when he sees the door opening and a guy with a bucket of water coming in. Needless to say, he is much more surprised when all that water ends up right on him.

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